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Narayana e-techno School: Best Admission Schools in Gurgaon

Worried about the future of a child? Lots of questions arise in parents’ mind when it’s the time of school admission. If you are searching for top admission schools in Gurgaon, Narayana School is the answer. We understand the value of coeval maturity. It is a place where your child can learn practically about body, mind and scientific developments as well.

Narayana offers well-built base and assures the excellent subject knowledge. Narayana Group is serving for the last three decades. Narayana Educational Institutions nourish young minds with the help of qualified professionals. We are devoted to hard work and excellence. We have more than 4,00,000 students at our 630+ educational centres that include schools, colleges and professionals institutes.

Have a look at the admission process listed below.

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    Admission Process:

    Best admission schools in Gurgaon have their own admission process. So Narayana School also has different criteria for the admission. If you wish to get your child admitted to this prestigious school, you need to go through the admission process. The admission process includes the initial tests followed by many stages. There are different steps for the admission in Narayana School.

    For Pre-Nursery and KG admission class, a parental interaction is a must before you start the process. For the student class 1 upwards, a child has to clear the admission aptitude test followed by parental interaction. Then parents can move further for the admission process.

    Step 1: Submission of the Narayana School Enquiry form either online or in the admission office of the school.

    Step 2: Parents doubt clearing session with the Narayana School Counsellor. The counsellor will also gather the required information from the parents/ guardian.

    Step 3: Parents / Guardian need to fill the admission form in the school.

    Step 4: The parents/ guardian will be informed about the parental interaction or the date of entrance test by the admission department of the school.

    Step5: For a nursery class student, there will be parental interaction. An aptitude test will be held for the student of KG class or above.

    Step 6: If your child successfully clears the test then student fees and registrations formalities should be done within seven working days of the result.  

    Admission Criteria for the Narayana are mentioned below:

    1. Child of any Nationality can take the admission
    2. Age Criteria
    • For Pre-Nursery – 2.5 years
    • For Nursery – 3+ years
    • For KG – 4+years
    • For Std 1- 5+years
    1. Documents to be submitted in the admission office
    • Passport size photo (Color)
    • Birth Certificate

    Undoubtedly Narayana Schools has to turn out to be the foremost choice of parents who are fanatical about their child’s best education. Top admission schools in Gurgaon fulfil the basic purpose of a standard of education but Narayana Schools aims to nurture the learner into developing a personality. It lies in the list of best admission schools in Gurgaon. It has successfully developed a giant educational infrastructure which includes schools, colleges and institutes that impart professional education as well.