How To Choose Best School For Your Child?

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Best School in Gurgaon

For every parent, providing quality education to their children is the main priority. Hence, choosing the school that offers best education, values, and infrastructure is what a parent tries to find. There are many schools that may seem to provide best education but may be very expensive. Here are some tips before you choose the best school in Gurgaon for your children.

What to Look for in a School?

There are many factors that you should consider when you are choosing the best school for your child.

Distance: Try to find a school that near your residence. This will help your getting stressed out due to the long-distance journey to and from the school. It is also easier to reach the school in case of emergencies.

Fees: Fees should also be considered as many parents think an expensive school would be providing best education. But this may not be the case as even a small school with less fees can provide good education.

Activities and Curriculum: When you are shortlisting the schools, go through their curriculum and activities that they have. This is important for the overall development of your child.

Ratio of Teachers: This is very important as a school with one teacher for every 50 students may not be so good. In such scenario the teacher will not be able to provide proper attention to his or her students. Choose a school whose teacher is handling maximum 30 students in his or her class.

Environment and Infrastructure: Make sure that the school has good environment along with good infrastructure. The school should be clean and should follow proper hygiene and also inculcating the same into the students. Make sure you are visiting the school to check out the infrastructure.

Teaching Methods: Do visit the school to know the teaching method used by the school. It is very important that a school uses innovative methods to keep their students engaged with the learning process.

Do Your Research and Apply

While you are shortlisting the school for your children, make sure you have done your homework. Do some research work on the school that you have chosen. You would not want to enrol your children into a school that is not fit for your children’s needs. You can ask around for the school feedback.

  • What do students who have studied in the school have to say about the method of education?
  • What is the opinion of their parents?
  • What is the reputation of the school?
  • How much does the school involves the parents?
  • Is the curriculum of the school too tough for children to cope up with?
  • What kind of values do they inculcate into their students?
  • Who is funding the school?
  • Whether the school does a background check on its staff?

However, make sure that you have applied to multiple schools in or near your area that fit your child’s requirement. Also keep in mind the deadlines, documents required, and admission process of the schools where you have applied. Also make sure that you follow up with the school where you have applied to know the status of your child’s admission.

Ensure that you keep all these things in mind before you finalise on the top school in Indore to ensure that your child is getting the best education in a safe and friendly environment.

Benefits of Studying in an International School

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Primary School

When your child reaches the age when they are able to gain knowledge, finding the right school becomes important. Many parents put a lot of thought and consideration in selecting the type of school they want for their kids. The way the school teaches your child would lead to the foundation of their lifelong learning and character building.

Each and every educational institute has some features which differentiate them from the others. International school in Gurgaon provides your child with a holistic experience that would help them learn things in a unique way. Here are some of the advantages of studying in an international school.

Exposure of Different Cultures: International school mainly follow an international curriculum. In this type of syllabus culture from all around the world are incorporated. This helps your child learn about the world. In fact, this type of curriculum is accepted by schools from all around the world. This helps the students to form an international understanding and helps them to work with people who belong to different backgrounds. They gain confidence and the ability to appreciate what is happening around them.

Personality Development: Developing emotional maturity in children is very important. You as a parent play your part at home. International schools celebrate cultures from all around the world. Your child would have the opportunity to interact with students belonging to other nationality and other schools.

This helps them to go through the everyday challenges that life brings upon and gain confidence. This type of maturity development is carefully instilled from an early age in primary school in Gurgaon.

Career Opportunities: Most of the business and jobs now operate on a global scale. Therefore if your child wants to establish something big in life then they need to be an all-rounder. Most of the companies look for individuals who have knowledge when it comes to different cultures and how to interact with people belonging to diverse backgrounds.

Kids who attend international school get this type of training from a foundation level. They also learn more than one language and this is a desired trait by many companies. Thus if your child studies in an international school, they would feel more confident when it comes to choosing their career and the type of job they want. They stay one step ahead from the others. Multilinguism helps your child to interact with others and establish a close kind of bond with people.

Extracurricular Activities: International schools have extracurricular activities in their syllabus. From shooting to indoor games, swimming, horse riding, debate and education activities, everything is there. They thus excel in their talent which later helps them to get a chance at big universities and colleges.

Narayana Schools is an international school that gives you all these distinct advantages. If you are thinking about teaching your child at an international school, then register with them as soon as you can. They would help you to provide your child with a bright and confident character that would surely help them achieve great heights.

Why Do Parents Send Their Kids To Pre-School?

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Pre Primary School in Gurgaon

Before you send your kid to high school, most of the parents send their kids to pre-school in Gurgaon to get the basic training and learn some foundation skills. When you are thinking about choosing the best pre-school in Gurgaon for your child there are many factors that come to your mind.

Along with that, you envision the kind of environment your child would get. You also sometimes worry whether your child is old enough for attending school or not. Thus here are some of the reasons why pre-school is good for your child.

It Provides A Foundation To Your Kid: Children are always curious about their surroundings when they are young. Thus to drive this positive curiosity of theirs into something good, parents often admit their child to pre-school. They learn a lot of skills there such as reading, counting, communication skills. These skills would later help them to be successful in life. Pre-school also meets the demand of giving an academic foundation which would be of utmost importance when they go for high school.

Grows in a Structured Environment: Pre-school gives your child the training regarding the following of instruction and how to interact with others. They learn to respect elders and manners as well. They learn that they should raise this hand when asking a question or while expressing a doubt. They get a chance to do group activities which helps them to learn joy while sharing work and helping each other.

Would Prepare Them for High School: Taking baby steps pre-school would prepare your child for CBSE school in Ghaziabad. They would learn how to react in a certain environment. Pre-school helps in the development of numerical and literacy skills which are of great importance in high school as well as in later stages of life. Thus they offer your child a high-quality academic childhood through playing and being creative.

Help Them Develop Both Emotionally And Socially: In pre-school children would get a chance to interact with other children and explore with others. They discover what they are capable of and learn to do a lot of things by themselves without taking the help of others. They learn small lessons which would later help them in life to make big decisions and succeed.

Quench Their Curiosity: Their natural instinct to explore and ask questions would take wings when in pre-school. They would learn a great deal through experimentation, exploration and having conversations.

Thus now you know what are the reasons behind getting your child admission in a pre-school. They have fun yet learn the rules of life through baby steps. You could also take part in helping your child learn the basic skills by reading to your child and playing and interacting with them.

How To Choose The Best CBSE School For Your Child?

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Best School in Gurgaon

Getting an education in a top school is very important for your child’s holistic development. But with so many options parents do get overwhelmed sometimes. From the right kind of curriculum board to the best environment, there are many factors that you as a parent have to keep in mind.

CBSE board affiliated schools have some of the best factors and advantages when it comes to the listing of school in Ghaziabad. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose a CBSE school for your child.

Attentive Staff and Teacher: Teachers of the top-notch schools are not only friendly towards students but are also friendly towards parents as well. They help students in improving in the subjects they lag. They also focus on giving your child an all-round development by not only confining their minds inside the classroom.

They try to complete their syllabus on time but without putting any extra pressure on the students. These CBSE schools also have trained staff who help the child in having an open environment where they could play and grow both emotionally and physically.

Distance: When you are selecting a school for your child the thing you should keep in mind is distance. There is no use of waking up early in the morning travelling long-distance just to reach school on time. Most of the top CBSE schools are located in such places from where there are easy transport services even their own school bus services. Thus good schools are located at good locations.

Activities: Along with academics, playing outside and taking part in physical activities is important. Therefore when you are finding CBSE school in Gurgaon, try to find a school which gives equal weight to both academics and physical sports along with extracurricular activities. Your child may be poor in academics but is very good at physical sports. Therefore giving your child all the chances to explore their talent and strong point is important.

Child Approach: See what is the biggest factor when it comes to the best CBSE school that attracts you to that school. See whether that school has got good board results or not. Again mouth to mouth word also plays a huge role when it comes to selecting a school. Choose a school which follows a child-centric approach and is not biased. The primary focus of the school should be on the development of your child and bringing them up as good human beings.

Thus now you understand how you could choose the best CBSE school for your child. They deserve the best so that they could grow up into a confident individual ready to succeed in life. The right kind of school plays a very important role in building a strong character of your child.

Simple Tips That Would Surely Help You Get Good Grades in High School

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High School in Gurgaon

High school is that period in life where not only do you get to enjoy your life but getting good grades is essential as well. Good grades would lead you to get chances in top-notch universities and that too without any difficulty.

There are many methods or formulas that students try but students who want to succeed in life make responsible choices. Here are some few tips that would help you get good grades in high school in Gurgaon.

• Attending All Your Classes: This may seem like an obvious choice or suggestion. But sometimes students do skip classes to have fun. Your teacher would give you some unique notes that you would not get anywhere else. Thus by attending those classes, you are getting access to those notes.

You also get to maintain a mentoring relationship with your teacher and they would be able to help you with a number of reference texts and notes. In fact, many schools have attendance points and getting full marks in those would surely give your college interviewer a good impression. Thus getting good marks is directly connected to your attending classes every day.

• Stay Organised And Remain Timely: High school would teach you how maintaining a schedule is important so that you remain organised in later parts of your life. When you are studying you should divide your subjects into schedules for easy learning. This way you would not get bored reading the same topic for hours. You could use post-it notes, to-do planners or being a tech-savvy use, digital planners.

Prepare all your notes and organise them according to subjects as they would help you during your exam nights when you are mugging up answers. From pre-nursery school in Gurgaon, you learn the skills of time management and how to tackle your work. Do the work first which seems harder for you and accordingly tidy up your schedule.

• Read and Write: Each and every successful student believe that by writing after what they studied helps them to memorize it and remember it for later. There are always chances that you could forget what you have studied. But noting down the points help you to remember as a picture of those points gets formed inside your head.

Also, when you are given assignments try to write something unique and showcase your creative side. Always give small tests before your exams to see your level of preparation. If you are facing problems you should talk to your teacher as they would be able to guide you and provide you with solutions.

Keep in mind that just having a positive attitude towards the exam would not help you to get good marks. For that, you need to study hard and follow the guidelines given to you by your teacher.

Unique Approaches To Learning In International Schools

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Best School in Gurgaon

When it comes to schools, selecting the best one for your ward is a really important task. Today there are plenty of schools in and around important cities. International schools are everybody’s one of the favourites and for a reason. Their unique and separate approaches to learning, education, and knowledge have made students go for the extra mile to reach their potential. So how do their methods work for their students? Here is a guide.

The Approach To Curiosity

The students should have an adequate thirst for knowledge. Until they are interested and curious in their minds about the subjects they are being taught, it is of no use. They will learn fast if they have inquiries and they are properly answered by the teachers. If they are properly engaged in a subject and feel engrossed in the same, there will be no looking back for them and their prosperous future.

The mentors in such international schools teach in a certain process so that the students understand better and learn faster. The teachers are certified and have a good deal of experience.

The Approach To Assignments

To induce a certain level of individuality and creative approach to learning, the students are frequently assigned with homework and unique projects. This will make the students give a chance to their thinking process to become fully fledged, At Times, to introduce a feeling of the team spirit, group projects are assigned as well. Deadlines are provided. Accuracy and creativity in the collaboration, both are given equal importance. Grades are provided based on such assignments and projects.

The best schools in Gurgaon have such a unique approach and it has proven results as well. The students have passed their exams with flying colours and are known to have a stable and good career.

The Approach To Technology And Communication

Communication is the primary key to learning. The students and teachers need to freely communicate amongst themselves to make their approach to education simpler. The international schools focus on such matters so that the students can be frank in their classes if they suffer from any kind of hindrance or problems.

To reduce the number of problems, the modern international schools have already started the introduction of laptops, tablets and smart boards. To facilitate a better understanding, the students can now freely access such technology and explore the various approaches to education.

Education is a complex subject. However, with good mentorship, guidance, and coaching, the students can put in their maximum amount of effort. With the introduction of such schools, the students are now flourishing in their studies more than ever. The best international schools in Ghaziabad have quite some fame regarding their unique ways of education.

6 Ways To Shortlist The Best School In Town

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Nursery School in Gurgaon

From an early age, only parents start looking out for the best school for their kids. It depends on their criteria and what their requirements are. Choosing the best school could be an overwhelming situation because your child’s future depends on your decision.

The school you select would be responsible for the character building and imparting quality education to your child. Here are the few factors that would help you to choose the best school in town for your kid.

  • Affordability: There are a number of schools who have tuition fees which are comfortable for you to pay. Again there are many schools where the academic fees are too high. That does not mean that studying at an expensive school your child would get the best education. Nursery school in Gurgaon has different budgets and first you have to figure out how much you are willing to spend annually in your child’s education fees.
  • Reputation: Considering the reputation of the school is very important. Ranking to each and every school is given on the basis of education, curricular activity, annual cost, teacher-student ratio, and final board results. Top school fulfils all these characteristics. Therefore if you are looking for the best quality educations for your child see that your choice of school fulfils all these criteria or not.
  • Educational Curriculum: Each and every school follows a certain board. Some follow the state board while some follow the CBSE curriculum. It is your choice under which board you want your child to study. Shortlist schools depending on your preference of board and then go visit their websites.
  • Safety: Keeping in mind safety is important. See whether the school offers bus transportation facility or not. And if yes then from where. Your child’s safety is of utmost importance and should not be taken lightly. Most of the top schools in Faridabad understand that and therefore have guards and service staff for safety measures.
  • Distance from Home: Distance of school from the home is important to consider. Your child, if they have to travel a lot, would get tired and would not be able to take part in the day to day activity. Again, if you find a school which has all the facilities and is a top school, why would you go for the one that is located far away?
  • Facilities: You have to see whether the school has a good computer lab, indoor and outdoor sports arena, a swimming pool and a healthy cafeteria or not. For small kids, you should see whether they have day-care services or not.

Thus now you know how to select the best school for your child to give them a holistic educational background.

5 Key Reasons To Choose An International School

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International School in Faridabad

Picking the right school for your kid can be quite a challenging task for any parent. The school options available today are plenty in numbers. However, there are several factors which play significant roles in determining the best schooling environment for your kid. Reputed international school in Faridabad can be the ideal option to prepare the foundation of your child.

The world today is moving towards the global community and so is the pattern of education getting moulded accordingly. The international schools strive to offer dynamic and prospective education to today’s youth so that they can handle the challenges of the world easily. They focus on the all-round preparation of the children so that students can explore any field of their choice in the future. Here are some key reasons why international schooling is the best for your kid.

Exposure To Various Cultures:
A reputed international high school in Gurgaon like the Narayana group of schools are the homes for children coming from various backgrounds and nationalities. Children learn amidst different cultures which make the classroom environment quite exciting. These schools even allow cross culture sharing which offer students with even more exposure and enhanced knowledge.

Updated Curriculums:
The Narayana group of institutions aims at bringing international curriculums in Gurgaon and in several other parts of the country. Their curriculums get updated quite often depending on the evolution of society and the world as a whole. The programs framed by the schools focus on developing various vital skills in the students.

Children not just acquire knowledge from the books in their syllabus but also get exposed to experimental learning. This enriches their knowledge even more and they can apply the acquired skills in various fields in the future.

Class Sizes Are Small:
This is often a concerning factor for many parents when they search for good schools for their kids. Narayana learning institutions focus on offering undivided attention to every pupil present in the classroom. Thus, these schools always maintain small groups of children in a particular class. This helps to maximise the benefits of the students who require more attention than the others.

Flexible Teaching Programs:
The teachers adopt a customised teaching program which can help students of every category uniformly. The communication between the teachers and students get enhanced to a great extent under such flexible curriculums.

Your Child Develops Holistically:
At Narayana International schools, a child gets developed centrally since childhood. The teachers here offer social, intellectual, emotional, social and physical development to the students. They learn to think critically and also get taught to make informed choices and decisions. The schools encourage students to work in groups for various programs so that they learn cooperative skills. Your child learns to become tolerant and open-minded by studying these groups of schools.

The Narayana institutions also prepare students for various entrance examinations so that they can choose to study at any university in the world. So, be it pre-primary or high school in Gurgaon, get your child enrolled in international schools of Narayana to open up multiple avenues for him or her.

Guide To Teach Your Child The Benefits Of Saving Money From An Early Age

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CBSE School in Ghaziabad

Financial strength has always urged people to work harder and harder. If you are a hard worker and have some special instincts or characteristic features when handling money, your child would learn that too. Many types of researches conducted on children above the age of seven and more show that they learn the tactics of how to handle money from an early age. They do that by observing their parents and the ones who are present near them. Thus, it is important that you raise your kid as a smart child with the help of CBSE School in Ghaziabad.

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Best Primary School in Gurgaon

In the competition and rat race of the contemporary times, often children get lost and perplexed. To keep them focussed and concentrated, some simple tricks can do wonders!

Problems related to the concentration of a child are the most common ones, that come up time and again with parents, caregivers and teachers of children. Interestingly it has been found that children who are unable to concentrate on their studies and education for a continuous stretch of time can easily concentrate on cartoons and storybooks.

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