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Currently, almost every parent in Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Faridabad and Guwahati prefers to choose the best school to start the academic career of their kids. Now choosing top schools in Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Faridabad and Guwahati is simple, w if you are in the need of a searching best school for your kid’s education you must choose Narayana, our school committed to offers strong foundation at the same time we provide Knowledge oriented courses for your kid’s skills enhancement.

We are the leading school in this region come with all the necessary facilities. Most importantly, we use different methodologies of foundation to ensure career growth of the students. First of all, we support your kids from the beginning. Our international standard coaching allows our students to explore great career opportunities.

Career-Oriented Coaching:

Our career-oriented coaching and approach is the best choice for students to shape their career, we start our innovation right from Schooling. Offer quality education to develop life skills including Interpersonal and Communication skills. Through our education, we support students to ensure leadership qualities, as well as ensure their decision making and critical thinking abilities. However, we use different methodologies for the language empowerment. Narayana is the best high school in Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Faridabad and Guwahati so it is an idea for your kid’s education as well as special orientation provided by our experienced faculty. We have more years of experience in this field so we provide special practice sessions for the improvers. Apart from that syllabic linked topic of future classes, we are also paving the way for chapter based research to IIT level. Therefore consider Narayana for your kid’s career development.

Specially designed integrated curriculum
to give additional edge


Career Oriented Coaching……
Right from Schooling

Narayana School offers excellent education to the students who wish to enrol their career strongly. In fact, the school gives dynamic methodology to raise the foundation and implementation for medical as well as engineering streams. The students get competitive courses and entrance examinations coaching at this professional school. They are giving career oriented coaching that develops with the right platform on schooling. Of course, the school is specially designed and offers integrated curriculum to give additional edge. The Narayana School gives global edge to every student through International Olympics that delivers best education system to everyone..

The Narayana School offers better skills like communication and interpersonal skills to the students. They will do good decision making and allows candidates to think critically in any situations. Besides, the school provides leadership qualities and involves right language empowerment for everyone. This involves best solution to the students who need to practice well for competitive coaching classes. It combines with right decision making and increase leadership skills forever. The school delivers right skills and involves international Olympiads reach for the student’s choice..


Narayana Groups of Schools comes with a flagship project named Narayana Olympiad School. This project seeks to collect the finest practices of this competitive world into the lively academic scenario. Launched in the years of 2006, it includes thirty branches with more than seven thousand students getting admission every year in the standards 6 to 10, the educational institution has boarded upon the idea of an effective educational foundation in present student generation. Additionally, it is conceited of its first choice among aspiring Doctors and Engineers..

It has a unique emphasis on the competitive tests at international, state and national level. Apart from that, Narayana Olympiad Schools trust in ensuring for putting their best foot boldly for students in securing international honours and top ranks. To this conclusion, it consistently pioneers many new trends and techniques in the fields of research, innovation, and technology. The audiovisual media use and amicable ambiance supports an intended approach towards the concept-oriented thinking and skills in our learners, guided and counselled continuously by our committed staffs.

The equally important trio of the conceptual skills, personal competencies, and subject knowledge are given top priority, in developing worldwide leaders of future.


In general, Narayana e-TECHNO Schools give a scholastic cooperative energy of vocation establishment and fundamental ability improvement, trying to make most talented candidates without bounds. This Narayana e-TECHNO School has been established in the year of 2008 along with 208 branches all over the nation. This organization offers quality training to more than 1 lakh candidates selected from 6th to 10th standard. This urges us to always develop perfect training preparing by granting imaginative reasoning and relational abilities in a calm learning condition, among yearning specialists and restorative experts of the modern generation.


The conceptualizations of incorporated syllabi for decentralized teacher training and pure science courses technique have picked up footing throughout the years and experience recharged gratefulness at the moment, following Narayana’s execution more than 37 years in competitive exams.

With exceptional accentuation on great execution and choice in competitive exams at international level, national level, and state level, we trust in spearheading new patterns in the regions of innovation, advancement, and research. The agreeable mood and utilization of varying media services a targeted approach towards idea situated reasoning in our candidates advised and guided frequently by our devoted personnel. The commonly huge trio of subject information, applied abilities, and individual capabilities are given most extreme need, in making worldwide pioneers of the future generation.



Exclusive Programme designed to crack JEE and MEDICAL ENTRANCE Exams at NATIONAL LEVEL.
  • Integrated syllabus with Research Oriented Audio – Visual teaching.
  • Common schedules Common teaching, Common Examinations and Common Analysis
  • Special Focus on Mathematics and Science Olympiads.
  • Critical Approach to Problem Solving Skills.
  • CDF Programme to strength the fundamentals
  • Error list programmes to rectify the mistakes made in the weekly tests
  • Practicals with well furnished lab facility in Physics, Chemistry & Biology.
  • Edutainment through weekly activities and Projects
  • Activities through Video Conference across the State.
  • Exclusive Clubs for extempore building.
  • Leap Programmes inculcated with English lab activities enrich communication skills.
  • Grooming Talent through Robin age Monthly Magazine
  • Frenzy events and celebrations
  • e-diary facility for parents

6th,7th,8th,9th MPC Simple Holiday Package _PONGAL.


The Champion of Medical Entrance Examinations

Exclusive Programme to focus on INTERNATIONAL BIOLOGY OLYMPIAD and to secure TOP ranks in NATIONAL and STATE LEVEL MEDICAL ENTRANCE exams like AIIMS, AFMC , JIPMER, EAMCET, KCET . etc.


  • Integrated syllabus with Research Oriented Audio-Visual teaching.
  • An exclusive biology lab for practical orientation of concepts.
  • Specially designed A-V modules for critical concepts in science.
  • Result Oriented Medical Material to help the students to succeed in medical entrance exams.
  • Common National wise ranking with customized assignments for the error’s made in the weekly tests.
  • Edutainment through activities and projects.
  • Guest lecturers through video – conference.