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Narayana e-techno School: Nursery Schools in Faridabad

The first step of education is the nursery or pre-school where new concepts are introduced to young children. The nursery is the gateway to education and grooms a child for the primary and secondary levels of education. It forms a foundation for the child that helps him or her to cope with the advanced education levels later. For the proper cognitive and emotional development of children, it is essential to enrol him or her into one of the reputed nursery schools in Faridabad.  

If you are looking around for one of the best nursery schools in Faridabad, the Narayana group of schools is the best bet. We offer a safe and friendly environment where learning becomes a fun experience for the children. Choosing the right nursery school is by no means an easy task. You need to base your search on a whole lot of factors. The teachers of the Narayana Schools, which is among the top nursery schools in Faridabad, adopt a scientific method of teaching the pre-schoolers so that they emotionally and socially become independent and are capable of making the right choices in life.

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    Our Key Features

    Top-Notch Quality of Education

    In our best nursery schools in Faridabad, we have hired well Montessori-trained and experienced teachers who are passionate about imparting high-quality education to the pre-schoolers.

    Fun Learning Environment

    Being one of the top nursery schools in Faridabad, we make a conscious effort to transform our classrooms into a positive learning environment for young children. This is done by using vibrant colours to paint the walls. Peppy colours help in enhancing mood and create a positive impact on small children.

    Personal Attention is Must

    We are one of the reputed nursery schools in Faridabad and we emphasize a lot on personal attention. Individual attention is required more for small children than the grown-ups. We have trained teachers to identify the weaknesses in the nursery students and help them in their overall emotional development.

    Cognitive Development

    Our teachers have the proficiency in helping in the emotional, psychological and cognitive development of children. They teach children how to classify, sort, order, and sequence. They also teach them imaginary and pretend play and all these lead to the overall healthy mental development of children.

    Parent Teacher Interaction Is Important

    For the effective growth and development of children, both the parents and teachers play an important role. Thus, we arrange for parent-teacher meetings where the parents are made aware of their children’s performance along with their weak areas which need to be worked upon.

    Narayana Schools Offers Top Nursery Schools in Faridabad

    One of the noteworthy names related to the best nursery schools in Faridabad is ‘Narayana Schools’. We focus on the overall emotional, psychological, physical and cognitive development of children. We make use of avant-garde teaching technique to impart education to pre-schoolers in a fun and relaxed way.

    With the advent of ‘new age’ nursery schools in Faridabad like Narayana Schools getting admission is now a breeze. You can call us to know about our procedure of admission and all other important information related to it. We are just a phone call away. Enrol your child into our school today and create a bright future for him or her.