In the competition and rat race of the contemporary times, often children get lost and perplexed. To keep them focussed and concentrated, some simple tricks can do wonders!

Problems related to the concentration of a child are the most common ones, that come up time and again with parents, caregivers and teachers of children. Interestingly it has been found that children who are unable to concentrate on their studies and education for a continuous stretch of time can easily concentrate on cartoons and storybooks.

This is a simple sign that indicates the fact that focus or concentration is directly related to the element of interest. Things and activities that are found to be interesting by children are often pleasurable and hence hold the focus and the concentration of the child easily for long hours.

This clearly explains the fact why education and studies must be made interesting for children. This is one of the common points that are also followed by the leading primary schools in Gurgaon and also other parts of the nation. The task of making education interesting is a tough one and must be designed with an element of innovation. Yet the following are some of the common tips to follow by parents, teachers, and caregivers.

Involve Images – Experts are of the opinion that just printed texts can be a really boring and tiring sight for the children. This is why they lose interest fast with books that do not have enough images and pictures. Hence you must select a concoction of books that have a lot of images and pictures on them. This is a principle that is also followed by the best international schools in Gurgaon.

Bookish Fetish Is Never Appreciated – Over-dependence on books can also tire children that will ruin their concentration over a period time. It is important that you do mix and match different things like videos and other tools to teach them.

Regulate The Timings – The timings of studies is very important. You must design the study schedule of your child in such a manner so that he or she is the freshest at that point in time. Hence do not make your child sit down for studies soon after he or she awakes from a nap. Always select a time when he or she is the most alert and also calm. Studying soon after playing is a very idea, as then your child happens to be the most active

Design Small Schedules – Always have small schedules of study. It is easier for children to retain their concentration for smaller spans of time.

It is elementary important that you do not feed your child too much information at a single go. This can confuse and tire the child easily. Give them small batches of information to be retained and repeat the same information at regular intervals. Also, work with your child to understand the methodology or technique of teaching that works best for your child.

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