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Narayana e-techno School: Top 10 Primary School in Gurgaon

Primary schooling is an introduction to formal learning atmosphere and leaves a lifelong impact on your child. Narayana School is known as one of the best 10 primary schools in Gurgaon. Narayana School nourishes the mind of your child. We are a top-notch school, delivering outstanding results every year.

At Narayana School, we provide a healthy, safe and stress-free environment to your kids. We also celebrate different religious festivals to inculcate the value of unity among the students. We have experienced and qualified faculties, who guide your child in all probable ways.

Narayana School has a special section for its primary school students. It is named as ‘E-Champs’. We have designed a unique curriculum to provide multidimensional growth to our students.

What Makes Narayana School the Right Choice for Your Child?

Narayana School is counted amongst the top 10 primary schools in Gurgaon. We provide career-oriented training to our students. 

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    We help them to choose their career-path wisely.  We also prepare your child for future challenges. There are many grounds to prove that Narayana School is the right choice for your child’s education. Here are the top ones.

    • Friendly Atmosphere:

    An open environment helps the students to learn things and clear doubts without any hesitation. We provide a friendly and comfortable environment for both parents and students as well. Students can explore new ideas.

    • Individual Attention

    We maintain the teacher-student ratio to provide appropriate attention to every student. We monitor the students work and prepare the improvement plan as per their performance.

    • Co-Curricular activities

    We believe in the all round development of the child. We integrate various activities in our daily schedule so that our students learn something extra other than academics. We conduct many contests like mind space, calligraphy, picture portrayal and other.

    • Appreciation

    On the basis of the performance of our students, we reward them with outstanding titles. It motivates the student to follow a positive future. Students are entitled to different certificates like a certificate of best performer of the year, certificate of best all-rounder of the year, certificate of excellence and many others.

    • Parent-Teacher Interaction

    Our faculties interact with parents from time to time. They keep in touch with the parents and regularly update them about the performance of their child.

    The Top 3 Narayana Schools Advantages

    Parents truly trust Narayana Schools due to the below-listed 3 reasons.

    1. Specially Designed Curriculum: A well-designed curriculum is the main essence of education. We have prepared a unique curriculum which promotes learning at matchless level. It is a perfect combination of the concepts, as it covers the syllabus of different boards like IGCSE, CBSE, ICSE and many more.
    1. Experienced and Qualified Educators: We have highly skilled and qualified educators. They use unique and innovative techniques to enhance the potential of the students.
    1. High-Class Infrastructure: We have smart learning rooms integrated with highly advanced equipment and tools. It promotes the students to learn about new technological advancements.

    Choosing a school for your child is of paramount importance. Narayana School provides first-class education to build your child’s future bright. Being one of the best 10 primary schools in Gurgaon, we employ the best education practices in our schools.