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Narayana e-techno School: Top 20 schools in Faridabad

In this competitive world, it is quite natural for parents to get worried about the schooling for their kids. You always want your kids to get the best of everything in this world, isn’t it? We at Narayana Schools are here to help the parents in their search fortop 20 schools in Faridabad. We inspire creativity and innovation in our schools which make us thebest among the top20 schools in Faridabad.

Our schools excel both in the co-scholastic and scholastic areas. We believe in giving our children a balanced and emotionally enriching day at school so that they never want to miss any day in the school. All our faculty members follow cultural ethos in the schools which help us to be in the list oftop 20 schools in Faridabad.

Mission And Vision Of Our School:

Narayana Educational Institutions operate with the aim of becoming the best choice for global education. 

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    We aim at making transformational leaders at our schools through proper skills, knowledge, and understanding of various subjects imbibed into our students. We generate the focus of our children on services, academics, and other opportunities that come on their way.

    We develop our students holistically by focusing on their cognitive, physical, aesthetic, emotional and spiritual requirements. No doubt we emerge in the lists oftop 20 schools in Faridabad.

    Unique Teaching Pedagogy

    Being thebest among the top20 schools in Faridabad, we offer child-centred teaching experience to the students. Our holistic method of evaluation and assessment assure best results of the candidates. Our learning opportunities are both experimental and interdisciplinary in nature. We ensure team building among our students which benefit them in the long run.

    We believe in smart learning and have visual and audio aids in the classrooms. Our teachers educate the children using different models and projects. These demonstrative tools help in the better understanding of the various subjects. Our lectures are all interactive in nature involving the active participation of the students.

    Why Choose Narayana Schools?

    • Compassionate Teaching Staffs: We have the best team of knowledgeable teaching faculties at our schools. They are highly dedicated to offering the best quality education to the students.
    • Co-Operative Learning Experience: This method is quite essential in developing interpersonal skills in the children. Our modern methods of teaching kids help them develop more interest in the subjects.
    • E-Projects: We focus on innovation and universality in our teaching methods. We conduct special Olympiad programs for the students where they get assigned many e-projects. This helps them in developing presentation skills in them. Students work with team spirit in developing these projects which are quite an essential part of the academics.
    • Advanced Laboratories And Library Facilities For The Kids: Our schools have the best amenities to offer the students. The science labs are adequately equipped with all the modern accessories so that students can learn in a better manner.

    We have all the answers to the questions of the parents when it comes to giving professional robust education to their kids. Our path-breaking teaching methodologies help us to be in the list ofbest 20 schools in Faridabad. We assure promising futures of our students and make them career-ready professionals.