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Narayana e-techno School: Top 20 Schools in Gurgaon

Several years down the line when you cherish that picture of your child on the day of graduation, you cannot thank his alma mater enough! You would feel proud that you could make it possible for your child to receive the best possible education from a reputed school. We at Narayana Schools know how important it is to strengthen the foundation of your child. Regarded as one of the top 20 schools in Gurgaon, we have nurtured young minds.

Why Choose One of the Best 20 Schools in Gurgaon?

Unlike yesteryears, when we have seen our parents emphasize mainly on studies, the mode of education down the years has changed remarkably. And it will not be wrong to say that Narayana Educational Institutions, referred to as one of the Top 20 Schools in Gurgaon has been quick enough to adapt to the change.


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    How are we Different than Other Best 20 Schools in Gurgaon?

    One of the main reasons why we have become so popular and sought after by parents wanting to get associated with us from all walks of life. We firmly believe that it is not just theoretical knowledge that counts but extracurricular activities are equally important for all-sided development of human personality.

    • Safety

    Just as your child is precious to you, so are they to us. We believe that we must deliver what we promise to our parents and one that is the most crucial of all aspects when you put your child in our hands-safety. We take utmost care of our children and this is not just the reason why we are considered as one of the Top 20 Schools in Gurgaon.

    • Round the clock monitoring

    Having been equipped with CCTV surveillance cameras, your child is in safe custody and is being watched until the time he is with us.

    • Our Results Speaks Volumes about Quality Education

    We have been referred to as one of the best 20 schools in Gurgaon for not just the above reasons. We offer quality education and boast of well trained and well-versed faculty. Our teachers leave no stones unturned. In making sure that students have been able to retain what they have been taught. We believe completing the syllabus is not just the objective.

    • Frequent Evaluation

    We ensure that our children are able to imbibe what has been taught in class and to test the same; we conduct frequent tests to find out how well they have been able to grasp a particular subject or topic.

    Why Do We Claim To Be The Best?

    If we claim that Narayana Group of Schools can be regarded as one of the Top 20 schools in Gurgaon, we also ensure that it is in tandem with how we perform. We have “redefined excellence”, won several accolades for offering quality education to the innumerable aspiring youngsters that dream to make it big in life and make their families and parents proud. We take pride in being a part of this wonderful journey!