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Narayana e-techno School: Top CBSE Schools in Faridabad

Searching for top CBSE Schools in Faridabad? Narayana School is the best result for your search. Narayana Group is serving from more than three decades in the education field. We are a leading group with excellent results.

Dedicated faculties put their best in your child’s educational career. They inspire students to learn and develop into a unique personality. We believe in hard word and effective learning. We motivate our students to excel in all other fields along with academic excellence.

Narayana Schools is counted among the best CBSE schools in Faridabad. In Faridabad, you can visit the following branches of our school-

  • Narayana e-techno School: Sector 77 Faridabad
  • Narayana e-techno School: SRS Chowk Faridabad

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    World class education

    Narayana School is the right choice as it facilitates you with international class education for your child. We provide a world-class education to our students. We implement best practices that aid to nourish young minds. We ensure that the child learns in different dimensions.

    Years of Experience

    With the experience of more than thirty years, we provide a global edge to our students. Holistic education will help your child to come out with flying colors. This counts Narayana School in the list of best CBSE schools in Faridabad.  

    All Round Development

    Every parent wants to inculcate basic human values like tolerance, kindness, integrity etc. in their child. Narayana Schools helps you in this. Apart from this we help your child to groom and develop into a responsible citizen also.

    Unique Curriculum

    We aim at providing the education that nurtures the child. Our specially designed curriculum helps the students to gain knowledge of diverse fields. This curriculum is perfect as it provides theoretical as well as practical knowledge to the student.

    Regular and Continuous Assessment

    At Narayana Schools, we regularly evaluate student learning. At regular intervals, many tests are held like weekly tests, quarterly examination, half-yearly examination, yearly examination and much more.

    Individual Attention

    Our trained facilities regularly monitor the student’s performance. On the basis of their results, they design and customize their plans for the improvement plan for each student.

    Experienced and Qualified Educators

    We have qualified and experienced educators that guide students for enhancing their knowledge. They inculcate distinctive teaching methods.

    Co-Curricular Activities

    Along with academic excellence, we also focus on other social integrity. To inculcate traditional values among students, we conduct different events and activities like Indian Multicultural fest, master chef Narayana and much more.

    We provide a friendly environment for both students and their parents. We also help our students with study material which helps them in career growth. Study material includes different booklets like abacus booklet, project booklet, aptitude booklet etc. Along with this NTOP study material to prepare students for competitive exams.

    Apart from schools, Narayana Group has successfully set up a giant educational infrastructure which includes colleges and professional institutes as well. We have more than six hundred thirty educational centers. We take pride to educate the students and develop them into future engineers, entrepreneurs, and qualified doctors.