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Narayana e-techno School: Top primary schools in Ghaziabad

Getting the best quality of primary education is quite helpful in building the future of any child. It is during this time that kids learn to instil the best qualities in them and they can easily catch anything during the initial years of their brain development. So, as a responsible parent, it is your duty to search for the best primary schools in Ghaziabad for your kids. Narayana Schools being the top primary schools in Ghaziabad offer a friendly atmosphere of learning for your children.

Parents have several questions coming in their minds when they search for the top primary schools in Ghaziabad. Narayana group of schools is your perfect answer to all those queries that you have related to the nurturing of your kid. Our holistic approach of teaching the children get talked about all over Ghaziabad. We concentrate on the requirements of the children and see that they get the best guidance from our faculty members.

Our Academic Program

We are in the list of top primary schools in Ghaziabad owing to the unique academic curriculum that we have for our primary sections. Our teachers offer child-centered teaching mechanisms which benefit the kids in the best manner. 

Quick enquiry

    We have the top-quality micro schedules to train the kids so that they get sensorial learning experience in our group of primary schools.

    We have productive fun-filled activities for the children so that they can express their creative thoughts via these rewarding projects. Our teachers help in enhancing various like skills in students like problem-solving techniques, self-awareness, empathy, interpersonal relationships, etc. These innovative approaches in nourishing the children help us in becoming the best primary schools in Ghaziabad.

    Our Top Features

    • Friendly Ambience In The School: Our group of best primary schools has high-quality classrooms in Ghaziabad. Children feel happy and relaxed in the classrooms and also enjoy learning amidst the colourful surrounding.
    • Personalised Attention To The Kids: We understand that every child is different and possess distinct capabilities in them. Our teachers are compassionate towards every child in the classroom and communicate with them personally.
    • Meetings With The Parents: We believe in the constant participation of the parents in the education of their children. Our teachers discuss the performance of the kids with their parents in the meetings organised by the schools. We point out the vital areas which require improvements so that the parents can guide their children well at home.
    • Clubs And Events: Our primary schools conduct multiple events all round the year. This helps to improve social integrity among the children. Contests like veggie fun, mind space, calligraphy, etc. help to boost the moods of the children. We also organise academic fests for the kids where they can participate in different programs to prove their skills.

    Narayana Schools- The Most Reliable Name In The List Of Top Primary Schools In Ghaziabad

    We prepare students for excellence and nothing else. They go through constant evaluation and performance tests which help them to fare well in all the examinations. Our teachers also focus on building the memory skills of the kids. The quality of our study materials offered to the e-champs is distinct from the other schools in Ghaziabad.

    The parents can visit our top primary schools in Ghaziabad and witness the innovative learning experiences offered here. Enquire us for admissions and gift the best future to your kids.